Spicy Fire & Brimstone

Spicy Fire & Brimstone


One of my favorite customers, Wayne Hamilton asked me to create a seasoning that really packs a punch! He said he wanted something Hot as hell, but with a great garlic & herb finish . To answer his request, I created Keith’s Spicy Fire and Brimstone seasoning, and yes, it is as hot as hell.

This seasoning is made with 7 varieties of hot peppers including habanero, jalepeno, Indian Hot Chili, and the hottest grades of Cayenne we could get our hands on. The peppers are then accented with rosemary, garlic, basil, fennel and other herbs and spices which make it another magnificent addition to the Keith Lorren family of spice. I promise you will absolutely love this seasoning because it is Hot, and flavored to perfection. This blend is everything!! use on everything fish, poultry, salads, corn, veggies, nuts, lamb, pork and especially wings and shrimp!  

5oz bottle

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