Keith Lorren Canna Spice

Keith Lorren Canna Spice


All Natural Cannabis Infused Seasoning blend

Spice King Keith Lorren has created the world's healthiest seasoning, the first to be infused with All natural, Organic Cold Pressed Hemp/Cannabis extracts. This spice blends boasts a robust Cannabinoid profile, omega 3,6.9 essential fatty acids, over 72 Trace minerals, packed with beneficial Phyto nutrients, and an amazing flavor. Use this seasoning as a health and flavor enhancement preferably at the end of the cooking process to preserve the CBD healing effects. Great on Wings, Fries, Pizza, Pasta, and everything savory.



Organic cold pressed Hemp/Cannabidiol Extracts, Himalaya Pink Salt, Garlic, Onion, Parmesan Cheese(contains lactose free Dairy), turmeric, Black Pepper, Lemon zest, 13 hand crafted Spices to perfectly compliment the flavor and aroma of marijuana

This is product is made with 100% legal Hemp extracts, oils, and flavonoids and does not contain illegal substances

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