Jamaican Roots Tonic Herbs

Jamaican Roots Tonic Herbs


For centuries, the Africans in Jamaica, known as the Maroons, have developed various herbal tonics to improve health. This is our family’s recipe for the famous root tonic. Other names for this drink are Baba roots and Mount Teman Roots.

Enjoy in the morning and before rigorous activity! No need for viagra after drinking this drink! ;-) some also will add dandelion root, ginsing root, and “Green”, but i cant promote the use of such in public ;-)

this mix will make at least 2 gallons of finished product



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One bag of Keith’s Roots tonic herbs includes:

  • sarsaparilla

  • soursop leaves

  • mauby bark

  • search mi heart

  • all man strength or Strong back

  • chaney root

  • blood wiss

  • yerbamate leaves and sticks

  • Moringa

  • cloves

  • whole allspice

  • cinnamon sticks

  • lemon grass

  • star anise

  • maca roots

  • cerasee vines & leaves

  • Mint & Spearmint leaves


  • fresh ginger slices

  • 32oz honey

  • 32oz raw cane sugar

  • Large pot of water

  • Splash of rum


  1. Boil all ingredients together in a large pot with 2 gallons of distilled water for 45 minutes to 1 hours. turn off heat. once cooled, add 1 cup or more of rum to preserve

  2. Allow herbed drink to soak over night so that the nutrients can be extracted. Strain, and store in glass containers

  3. Sweeten with raw cane sugar and honey if desired.

  4. Once boiled, the roots can be frozen and used to boil a second batch, but will be less potent than the first batch.

We like this drink strong, but if it is too strong for your taste, add more water. This is a few times stronger than what  they sell in the stores so feel free to dilute it as you wish. Many people have asked how often I personally drink it, and the answer is, as much as I want and whenever I need a "lift" ;-)